I am pleased to welcome you to our school and I hope this website will give you an insight of what Apexville Foundational Academy (AFA) is all about. AFA is a place of learning for all. We put achievement within the reach of every child and assist them to attain the greatest height. Our school strives to build confident, creative great learners that will through their exploits in the learning environment will be groomed into independent, innovative and successful members of the society.  At AFA we endeavour to create a garden of children who learns with fun which goes beyond the teacher and pupil’s relationship. Exciting events and activities are ingredients that add flavor to our learning environment. We recognise the fact that the home and school are the child’s first and most important world for socialisation.  Hence, we encourage children in AFA to express themselves while bringing out their talent through arts, music, indoor/outdoor activities and regular outings. Our children under a neat environment and good supervision are supported to succeed greatly in academic, morals, emotions and spiritually.  In Apexville we encourage our parents to be part of this process as this will help the child feel secure. Keeping in mind that all a child needs is encouragement and not criticism. AFA encourages the use of other language, understanding the fact that the world is a dynamic environment. As a result we introduced the French language which we tagged “French for beginners”. Our Website has been created to express our unique nature. While looking forward to meeting you all, I say Apexville is a place to be.

Yours sincerely

Kalu Bridget (Mrs)

Head teacher