Our creche comprises of the infants and the toddlers section where the less than 2 years old are placed. It is a home from home cosy and quiet environment with experienced care givers where you can leave your young ones and have rest of mind at your place of work during your busy days.

Growth and development

Holistic growth and development of the child requires both indoor and outdoor activities. The homelike clean and relaxed activity spaces  enables quality experiences for your child’s development. Our  classroom educational materials are well arranged on both open shelves and on the floor for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child. Our beautiful play ground has age appropriate play stations.

Why us? Watch now


We aim to capture the unique talent and interest of the child and nurture such potentials for future attainment through a solid early year curriculum. This natural adventurous stage is very crucial in terms of communication and language development, toilet training to mention a few.